Comfort Height Closed Back Close Coupled Bidet Toilet

Thermostat: No Thermostat
Sale price£400.00



This Combination Bidet combines comfort, elegance and hygeine to provide a sleek and modern design to your bathroom. With a pan height of 465mm, providing maximum comfort to users. 

Utilizing In-built technology to provide a space saving and cost effective in-built bidet function. A chrome bidet nozzle is built into the rim which is to be plumbed in from the rear. A thermostat can be plumbed in to control water flow temperature for optimal comfort.

The bidet pressure is controlled by the side mounted knob which is provided.

All combination bidets require connection to a suitable water supply in accordance with UK Water Regulations.


Depth: 660mm

Width: 360mm

Pan Height: 465mm


Cold water feed is used by default, an optional thermostat can be plumbed utilising a hot water feed. We can offer the following:

Standard Thermostatic Valve
In-line Thermostatic Valve


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