Diamond 800x800mm 2 Door Quadrant - Chrome

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  • Diamond 800x800mm 2 Door Quadrant in Chrome: A stylish and practical addition to your shower enclosure, designed for efficiency and durability
  • Dimensions: Height of 2000mm, width of 800mm, and depth of 800mm for a compact yet spacious design
  • Constructed with 8mm toughened safety glass, providing strength and safety for everyday use
  • Features totally hidden fixings, offering a sleek and seamless appearance to your bathroom
  • Compatible with power showers, ensuring compatibility with various shower systems
  • Adjustable for out-of-true walls, facilitating easy installation and a perfect fit in any bathroom space
  • Glass treated on one side with Easy Clean technology, labeled for effortless maintenance and long-lasting clarity
  • Conforms to European regulations, meeting high-quality and safety standards for peace of mind
  • Equipped with double handles inside and out, allowing for easy operation and accessibility
  • Utilizes a sliding door opening mechanism, maximizing space efficiency in smaller bathrooms
  • Comes with a lifetime guarantee, providing assurance of its quality and longevity

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