Round Thermostatic White Radiator Valves - Angled

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  • Round Thermostatic White Radiator Valves - Angled: Angled design for convenient installation and operation.
  • Dimensions: H 100mm x W 80mm x D 30mm: Compact size suitable for various radiator setups.
  • White finish: Provides a clean and modern look, blending well with most radiator styles and room decors.
  • Compatible with central heating systems: Suitable for use with standard central heating setups, ensuring compatibility.
  • Packed as a pair: Comes as a set of two valves, ideal for single radiator installations.
  • Connector size: 15mm: Standard connector size for easy installation and compatibility with most radiator systems.
  • Comes with 1 Year Guarantee: Backed by a 1-year guarantee for quality and reliability, offering peace of mind to users.

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