Diamond 1200mm Semi-Framed Sliding Door - Chrome

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  • Diamond 1200mm Semi-Framed Sliding Door - Chrome: Enhances your bathroom with style and functionality.
  • Dimensions: H 2000 x W 1200 x D 8mm: Provides ample space for comfortable showering.
  • 8mm toughened safety glass: Ensures durability and safety during every use.
  • Totally hidden fixings: Adds to the sleek and seamless appearance of the enclosure.
  • Power Shower Compatible: Withstands the pressure of power showers for a satisfying shower experience.
  • Wetroom compatible: Suitable for wetroom installations, offering versatility in design.
  • Adjustable for out of true walls: Accommodates imperfect wall surfaces for a secure fit.
  • Glass treated on both sides with Easy Clean: Simplifies cleaning and maintenance for a sparkling enclosure.
  • Conforms to European regulations: Meets high-quality and safety standards for your peace of mind.
  • Double handle inside and out: Convenient handles on both sides for easy access.
  • Sliding door opening: Effortlessly slides open for easy entry and exit.
  • Comes with a lifetime guarantee: Ensures long-lasting performance and customer satisfaction.

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